About Me

Thanks for joining me as I prayerfully take my hobby and turn it into something more!

I am Jodi… aka daughter of our amazing God, wife of a most loving man, mama to two of the most special little ladies ever, cancer nurse, messy baker and photo lover. For as long as I can remember I have loved taking photos. When the babies came along I wanted to capture everything. Several thousand unorganized photos stuck in our hard drives later and it became harder and harder to catch those little ones on the move. So the handsome hubs bought me a better camera and since then lots of professional photo lovelies that he knew I wouldn’t dish the money out for myself. He spoils me, but he says I’m worth it and I can’t prove him wrong.

The name SweetLyn is for my babies. My girls are my world and to be able to do pics from home or for a couple hours away, will keep me home more often and less often having to pick up shifts at the hospital.